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Exciting Scholarship Enhancements

At the end of June a major overhaul of our scholarship tools launched. Among many new features, just in time for fall, students can sign up for monthly e-mails that give them real-time updates of new scholarships that match their profile!

New Dashboard for Individual Career and Academic Plans

ICAP DashboardNo more "What do I do next?" questions with the new dashboard for career and academic plans.

Users (and professionals) can see at a glance how many assigned trackable activity they have completed - and those they haven't.

The background and photo may be personalized as well.

Official SAT Test Prep

World-class SAT test prep is free through Khan Academy. Colorado students may download the app for daily questions and simulate test day with full-length practice tests. College In Colorado also provides information and resources for other tests, such as the ACT.

Once you receive your scores, log into your CIC portfolio to record them. You can see whether you need to strengthen your scores or whether you are approaching, meeting or exceeding benchmarks on every section of the test.

Try the Middle School Activities

Log into your portfolio to check out activities designed specifically for middle schoolers. Explore Directions After High School and the Career Clusters Map. These activities will help you learn about options after high school graduation and to map out possiblities for career areas. Rank the ones you like best!

Use the College Admission Tool

Whether you are just beginning education planning after high school or are graduating in the spring, you can use the College Admissions Tool.CAT logo

Use the Build Options Wizard to learn all about the admissions process and your options for four- or two-year colleges;

Jump right to the Matching College List to see how your GPA, test scores and other characteristics compare to what Colorado colleges expect.

Scholarships - Now is the Time

Now is a great time to explore and apply for scholarships. Whether based on academic, sports, other accomplishments or other personal characteristics, you are likely to be eligible for some!  Check out the:

Colorado ASSET Website

Are you without proof of legal U.S. residency and wish to attend a Colorado public college or university? Learn whether you may be eligible for in-state tuition and understand the resources available to help you with this process. College In Colorado has built a website to assist families and students to take advantage of Colorado's ASSET legislation.

Own Your Future; Succeeding at a Second Chance

Own Your FutureNew window icon is an important component of the CollegeInColorado.org Web portal, designed to help offenders released from incarceration to become productive members of society. You may use your existing CollegeInColorado.org username and password to sign in to Own Your Future.

Developed in collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Corrections and many other experts across the state, Own Your Future aims to reduce recidivism by helping ex-offenders develop and successfully implement a job and education plan that will help them from violating the terms of their release or re-offending.

Own Your Future is dedicated to the memory of Tom Clements, to honor his unwavering commitment to reducing recidivism and his strong belief in second chances.

Low Cost Broadband for Families

Comcast has announced enhancements to its Internet Essentials program that offers low cost ($10/month) broadband service, computers ($150) and training to low-income students and their families. For general eligiblity information, visit Internet Essentials (En Español).


Students or parents, do you have questions about CollegeInColorado.org, financial aid or career and college planning and would like to talk with someone? Call (720) 264-8580 for assistance in English or Spanish.

Advanced Manufacturing - Take a Look

Take a look; design and innovate! Manufacturing is clean, tuned up, light, fast-paced, team-oriented, focused on sustainability and filled with cool technologies that leverage precision.

From nanotechnology to robotics, innovative ideas happen every day. Colorado is making it a statewide priority to provide a well-trained advanced manufacturing workforce.

Learn all about this important industry including job description profiles, business index and where you can find education and training.