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You keep on working.

You decide it's just too much of a waste to knock the whole thing down. Going thin on the mortar allows you to remain within your markers as you proceed, but soon you realize there's no hope. You can't go too thin or the work will not be up to standards.

By the time you get to the top, you see that your last row is half a brick's height too tall. You will have to cut every brick in half for the last row. It looks funny and your fellow professionals laugh at your incompetence.

The owner sees what's going on and she's furious. She wants you to knock it down anyway and do it properly! You do this on your own time.

It takes a lot more than big muscles to lay quality brick. It takes thought, creativity and foresight.

"Definitely, it should be redone," says bricklayer Ken Rutley. "I've had guys do that before... We try and catch it. We try and do quality control with guys all the time, so they're trying to keep on top of that before the problem arises."