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You use the minimally safe lug.

If anything happened you wouldn't be liable because the lug met the required safety standard. You lift the metal. The lug groans under the weight.

"Hey, boss," someone yells from the floor. "Don't forget that's the piece that weighs over two tons."

The metal sways and crashes to the floor. Nobody is hurt, but there is a great commotion on the floor. The workers are irate that you carelessly risked their lives. The customer hears about the near-disaster and is upset about the low safety standards at your shipyard. He's taking his business elsewhere next time.

"Never compromise safety, no matter what," says welder Kim Buchan. Never lift material over people, and be extra careful when lifting material over equipment because you will be risking damage to equipment, he says.

"Compromising safety is just not a good thing to do, ever," says Buchan. "It's a bad, bad practice to get into. Take the time and do it right."