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Industrial Instrumentation Technician

One thing you like about your job is how much it varies. One day, you're taking apart instruments and putting them back together. The next day, you're involved in meetings.

At those meetings, you often tell others about the status of instruments under your supervision. You take pride in your ability to communicate clearly, avoiding technical jargon.

A salesman is at one of today's meetings. It's clear he doesn't know much about instrumentation. When it's your turn to speak, you inform him about your desire to purchase a device called a variable speed drive. You want him to understand exactly what you want and what you hope the instrument will accomplish. That way, you'll have the best chance of getting it.

You explain your situation. The salesman gives you a blank stare. Perhaps your verbal communication skills could use some brushing up, after all. After several more unsuccessful attempts at speaking to the salesman, he asks you to write down what you're telling him.

No problem. You're accustomed to keeping detailed records about the instruments you maintain. You're certain writing a short note couldn't be much more difficult than that.

Use the information below to write the note, telling the salesman what you want and why:


  • Variable speed drive: device used to control the flow of liquid
  • Pump: device used to force liquid through pipes


You want to replace some valves with variable speed drives. Drives do the same job as valves, but they're more cost-effective. Unlike valves, drives can control the speed of pumps. By slowing down the pump whenever possible, you save money.

Write the note now.

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