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As the supervisor for an ironworking company in a major city, you are responsible for introducing apprentice ironworkers to their new jobs.

Today is the first day for a group of seven apprentices. It will be their first time going up on a highrise under construction.

Before the day begins, you sit them down at the job site trailer for a little talk.

You want to tell them the following things:

  • Safety harnesses must be worn at all times. Anyone caught without one will face suspension or firing.
  • No horseplay is allowed on the job, for obvious reasons.
  • Every order from a superior must be followed to the letter. This is the only way to learn.
  • The rewards of being an ironworker are great, but you must be ever diligent and aware of your surroundings.
  • Being an ironworker is also a lot of fun if done right. It has a long history of building the world and making it a better place.

You must tell them all this in a tone that will make them feel welcome, but also let them know this is serious business. What will you say?