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You agree to give the service for free.

Customer service is important in the spa industry. As an esthetician, it is important to you to build a client base. In order for your clients to return to you, they must enjoy your service.

You've just performed a body wrap on a regular client. But she's not satisfied because the spa is under renovation. She says she wasn't able to relax and the renovations dropped the quality of service she expects. After a calm conversation with her, you realize she is not going to back down. She is unhappy and doesn't want to pay. So you decide to give her the service on the house. It is important for you to keep your client happy.

"You're always going to encounter a client who's unhappy with the service they've received, and sometimes they'll even refuse to pay. This happens to everyone at some point in their career. You just have to try and not take things personally," says Krista Nugent. She's an esthetician and make-up artist.

The next time the client comes to see you for her usual service the renovations are finished. After the treatment she tells you that she is really impressed with how the spa looks. She says that this time you exceeded the usual standard of service. She leaves you a very big tip.