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Insulation Worker

Insulation workers get most of their training and experience on the job. They learn by doing.

Sometimes, they are mentored by supervisors or more experienced insulators. But often, they are given a basic introduction to the work and asked to quickly bring themselves up to speed and become valuable members of the team.

As an experienced insulation worker who also happens to be a college student, you're asked by your boss to prepare a brief handbook for new employees. The idea will be to explain the work, define some common terms, describe the materials used and so on.

In the first section, you want to write a brief description of how a typical insulation job is approached from the start of the day.

You want to go through it step by step, but in a way that will keep the reader interested.

The things you want to include are:

  • Driving carefully and parking the vehicle securely and safely
  • Following common sense rules while on the road
  • Examining the worksite, looking for potential hazards
  • Doing any preliminary measuring, estimating
  • Gathering equipment and tools needed from truck
  • Donning any needed safety gear -- such as goggles and gloves
  • Brief meeting in which the foreman lays out the work ahead
  • Start of work

You'll want to make it brief, interesting and informative.