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Stationary Engineer

When you run a stationary engineering company, advertising is important. If you've got people's attention, you have a good chance of getting their business.

You are the owner and head engineer of ProTipTech. You've been in business for four years and are doing OK money-wise. But now you're looking to increase your client base so as to expand your business interests.

You decide to put together a flyer that you can post around the city and put on people's car windshields. Here are the facts you might want to include on your business flyer:

  • Your business is ProTipTech and your phone number is 555-TECH
  • You operate, maintain and repair heating and cooling units, ventilation systems, boilers, refrigeration systems, diesel and turbine engines, generators, condensers and compressed gas systems
  • You can do work in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, apartments, factories and private residences

Using the above items, prepare a flyer for your company. Remember to write it in a way that promotes your company. Don't be shy to ask obvious questions and push your company as the best stationary engineering company around.

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    International Union of Operating Engineers

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