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October 15, 2018

Dear Faith: Which extra-curricular activities look good on college applications?

Faith says: College admissions officers don't necessarily look for specific extracurricular activities on the college application, but they do take note of any involvement with activities that relate to what you hope to study, activities that show involvement with a cause or the community, and activities that show your passion or concern for something.

In addition to grades and test scores, colleges look at other factors to learn about potential students. Your extracurricular activities, along with your personal essay and recommendation letters, tell the college admissions officer about you, the person.

Extracurricular activities say a lot about what you care about, and identify your interests, abilities, skills and how you spend your time. The activities don't have to be attached to your school, so consider things you do with your church or within your community as worthwhile activities too.

Thanks for writing.