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M.I.T. Free Online CoursesNew window icon helps students take M.I.T. courses free of change - and for the first time, earn official certificates for demonstrating mastery of the subjects taught.

College Affordability and Transparency Center  New window icon from the U.S. Department of Education, helps you understand which colleges have the highest and lowest tuition and net prices.

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Unigo.comNew window icon takes you on "unofficial" student-led video and photo tours.

Has Your College or Career School Closed? Here's What to Do.

Colorado has several programs that offer reduced tuition to eligible Colorado students attending school in other states.

Western Undergraduate Exchange

If you are considering attending a school in:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington or Wyoming

The Western Undergraduate ExchangeNew window icon (WUE), a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher EducationNew window icon (WICHE) offers students who are residents of WICHE states to enroll at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state at a reduced tuition rate.

Oklahoma Scholarships for Non-Resident Tuition

Colorado residents may receive scholarships that include a waiver of a portion of the non-resident tuition at a college or university in Oklahoma. Work with the college you want to attend there.

Nebraska State & Community Colleges

Western Nebraska Community college and Chadron, Peru and Wayne State Colleges offer programs for out-of-state students. Visit their websites or inquire at their financial aid office.

New Mexico-Colorado Tuition Reciprocity Agreement

Eligible Colorado students may apply to designated institutions in New Mexico and pay resident tuition rates. View the current agreement hereNew window icon.

Watch the Colorado Department of Education websiteNew window icon for updates to these programs.

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