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Medical Scientist  Money And Outlook


Colorado Earnings

Average Annual Wage $77,750
Entry Annual Wage $39,770
Experienced Annual Wage $139,460
Average Hourly Wage $37.38
Entry Hourly Wage $19.12
Experienced Hourly Wage $67.05
Median Hourly Wage $25.43

Colorado Regional Earnings

Colorado Metropolitan Areas Wages

Region Average Entry Level Experienced
Boulder MSA $84,620 or $40.68/hr $38,920 or $18.71/hr $162,160 or $77.96/hr
Colorado Springs MSA $69,320 or $33.33/hr $29,670 or $14.26/hr $99,340 or $47.76/hr
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood MSA $78,990 or $37.98/hr $40,850 or $19.64/hr $130,010 or $62.50/hr

National Earnings

Average Annual Wage $95,000
Average Hourly Wage $45.68
Average Annual Range $44,550 to $159,570

Note: variations in salaries reflect differences in size of firm, location, level of education and professional credentials.

Colorado's Employment and Outlook (State-wide)

Outlook Increasing
Growth rate is estimated to be 27%
Job Openings 71 estimated annual job openings
Employment 1,210 were employed in this occupation

Colorado's Regional Employment and Outlook

Regions with increasing outlook (over 20% growth rate expected)

Region Employment Projected Growth Rate Annual Openings (growth) Annual Openings (replacement) Annual Openings
Colorado Springs 45 33% 2 1 3
Fort Collins - Loveland 113 24% 3 4 7

Regions with stable outlook (0 to 20% growth rate expected)

Region Employment Projected Growth Rate Annual Openings (growth) Annual Openings (replacement) Annual Openings
Boulder - Longmont 230 19% 4 7 11

National Employment and Outlook

Outlook stable
  The employment change from 2014 to 2024 is estimated to be +8%.
(The National average for all occupations is +6.5%)
Job Openings very small number
  A total of 4240 average annual openings are expected for this occupation between 2014 and 2024.
(The National average for all occupations is 4,267 openings)
Employment small occupation
  This was a small occupation in the United States, employing 107,900 workers in 2014.
(The National average for all occupations is 138,110 workers)
Growth Average growth
  Ongoing medical research, as well as an increased reliance on pharmaceuticals, will likely maintain current levels of demand for medical scientists. A growing and aging population also is expected to increase demand for these scientists. Most employment growth will likely be in private industry. Demand has increased because medical scientists’ expertise is needed in developing prescription drugs and other biomedical tools. Employment also should grow as a result of an expected expansion in research related to illnesses such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Treatment problems, such as antibiotic resistance, also should spur growth. Moreover, environmental conditions, such as overcrowding and the increasing frequency of international travel, will spread existing diseases and give rise to new ones. 
Industries Large concentrations of this occupation are found in these industries
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (NAICS540000) (36.4%)
  • Scientific research and development services (NAICS541700) (35.1%)
  • Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences (NAICS541710) (34.4%)
  • Educational services (NAICS610000) (26.6%)
  • Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (NAICS611300) (26.6%)
  • Health care and social assistance (NAICS620000) (23%)
  • Hospitals, private (NAICS622000) (15%)
  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals (NAICS622100) (12.1%)
  • Ambulatory health care services (NAICS621000) (7.9%)
  • Manufacturing (NAICS31-330) (6.8%)
  • Chemical manufacturing (NAICS325000) (6.1%)
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing (NAICS325400) (6.1%)