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Artillery and Missile Crew Member ... (Military - Enlisted)  What They Do

Just the Facts

Artillery and Missile Crew Member engage and repel the enemy with artillery, infantry and assault vehicles.

This career is part of the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security cluster Security and Protective Services pathway.

A person in this career:

  • Operates computerized equipment to determine target locations.
  • Prepares ammunition for firing and load weapons.
  • Operates tactical vehicle.
  • Fires artillery and missile systems at enemy targets.
  • Cleans and maintains weapons.
  • Tests, removes, and replaces fire control system components on launcher.
  • Mounts communication components in vehicles and launchers.
  • Operates and performs operator maintenance on communications equipment.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

People who do this job report that:

  • You would often handle loads up to 20 lbs., sometimes up to 50 lbs. You might do a lot of lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling.
  • Work in this occupation involves use of protective items such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, a hard hat, or personal flotation devices
  • Exposed to conditions such as high voltage electricity, combustibles, explosives, and chemicals more than once a month
  • Exposed to hazardous situations involving possible injury such as cuts, bites, stings, and minor burns more than once a month
  • Sound and noise levels are loud and distracting
  • Work in this occupation requires being outside most of the time

Working in this career involves (physical activities):

  • Identifying color and seeing differences in color, including shades and brightness
  • Moving the arms, legs and torso together when the whole body is in motion
  • Seeing clearly at a distance
  • Exerting oneself physically over long periods of time without getting out of breath

Work Hours and Travel

  • Irregular hours
  • Overnight travel