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Career Clusters  Finance

Recommended Plan of Study

This Career Cluster Plan of Study (based on the Finance Career Cluster) can serve as a guide, along with other career planning materials, as learners continue on a career path. Courses listed within this plan are only recommended coursework and should be individualized to meet each learner's educational and career goals. *This Plan of Study, used for learners at an educational institution, should be customized with course titles and appropriate high school graduation requirements as well as college entrance requirements.

For Colorado-specific plans of study:
View Plan of Study pdfs by school

Pathways in this Cluster

Each pathway has more specific careers, programs and course plans:

Subject Area 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English I
* 1 credit(s)
English II
* 1 credit(s)
English III
* 1 credit(s)
English IV
* 1 credit(s)
Algebra I
* 1 credit(s)
* 1 credit(s)
Algebra II
* 1 credit(s)
* 1 credit(s)
Natural/Physical Science
Earth Science
* 1 credit(s)


Environmental Science
* 1 credit(s)
* 1 credit(s)
* 1 credit(s)
* 1 credit(s)
Social Sciences
* 1 credit(s)


State History
* 1 credit(s)
U.S. History
* 1 credit(s)
Foreign Language
  Foreign Language I
* 1 credit(s)
Fine Arts
Health and Physical Education
Career/Technical Courses
Academic Electives

Plan of Study pdfs by school

These are plans of study offered by Colorado schools. Use them to help you select your plan of study and modify it.

Plan of Study Name Pathway School/District
Accounting Akron High School
Accounting Alamosa RE-11J
Accounting Arickaree
Accounting Bethune
Accounting Brighton School District 27J
Corporate Finance Brighton School District 27J
Securities and Investments Brighton School District 27J
Banking Services Brighton School District 27J
Corporate Finance Buffalo School District
Accounting Caliche School District
Accounting Cheraw High School
Accounting Community College of Denver
Accounting Crowley County
Banking Services Crowley County High School
Accounting Delta-Montrose Technical College
Accounting East Otero School District
Accounting Haxtun RE-2J School District
Accounting Idalia School District
Accounting Jefferson County
Corporate Finance Jefferson County
Accounting Kim School District
Accounting Littleton School District
Securities and Investments Mesa County Valley 51
Accounting St. Vrain Valley School District
Accounting Stratton R-4